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This page describes the Takemikazuchi as depicted in the fan fiction Gundam Seed Destiny Altered. For its animated counterpart from Gundam Seed Destiny, see Takemikazuchi(Gundam Wiki) 

NDC-01 Takemikazuchi
Ship takemikazuchi a.gif

Unit type

naval supercarrier




Orb Union

First deployment:

C.E. 75


overall length 370m

The Takemikazuchi is a heavy naval carrier built and fielded by the Orb Union. The largest vessel of its kind currently in service, it was intended to serve as the flagship of Orb's naval defense forces. It is commanded by Colonel Fumihiko Todaka. Built on a trimaran hull, It has a total of six catapults on its two decks. It carries several squads of Astrays, but the bulk of its mobile suits are new-model Murasame variable mobile suits, stored and launched in mobile armor mode.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Takemikazuchi was commissioned some time after the end of the First Junius War as a flagship for Orb's home defense fleets, the intent being to have a naval platform that could support and deploy large numbers of mobile suits in battle against ZAFT or Alliance fleets, should either nation ever attack Orb again. The Takemikazuchi uses the same trimaran construction as Orb's distinctive Aegis ships, and it can carry large numbers of mobile suits on its two-level deck. Its six catapults are used for launching Murasames in fighter mode, while its complement of Astray Flight Types simply take off from the upper deck. It can also carry Astray Littoral Combat Types, which likewise launch into the water from the deck.

At 370 meters long, the Takemikazuchi is significantly longer than the Alliance's Spengler-class carriers, and can hold almost ten times as many mobile suits, making it the largest naval carrier fielded by any nation. Because it’s a carrier first and foremost, the Takemikazuchi itself has only light anti-air and anti-ship defenses, and relies primarily on naval escorts such as Aegis-class destroyers or Kuraomikami-class frigates in ship-to-ship engagements and its large complement of mobile suits to fend off aerial attacks.


  • 25mm CIWS x6
  • Anti-air Missile launcher x16
  • Anti-ship missile launcher x8