Unit type

high speed attack submarine


OMNI Enforcer


OMNI Enforcer

First deployment:

C.E. 47


overall length 115m


pumpjet propulsor x2

Equipment & Design Features

sensors, range unknown

 The San Francisco-class SSK is a class of high-speed, long-range non-nuclear submarine that has been in service with the Alliance military since the CE 40s. Despite its age, it remains a reliable vessel and forms the backbone of the Alliance's long-range anti-ship and anti-sub capability, and has been periodically updated to keep up with new advances in technology.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The San Francisco-class is a fast, maneuverable underwater attack submarine designed specifically to hunt and destroy other submarines, making it the single greatest threat to ZAFT's naval forces, especially the much larger and slower Vosgolov-class. Additionally, it is armed with larger cruise missile launch tubes, enabling it to, from underwater, attack larger naval targets and can also be used for long-range bombardment of land-based targets, though it is less efficient in this role.


  • 56cm torpedo tube x8
The San Francisco-class has a total of eight torpedo tubes located in its bow, four on each side, which fire Mk36 "Swordfish" wire-guided torpedoes.
  • SLCM launch tube x4
On each side of the hull, at the top of the sub near the conning tower, is a pair of wider launch tubes designed to fire UGM-209 "Demahigan" Sub-Launched Cruise Missiles, fast, powerful long-range ballistic missiles similar but slightly inferior to the newer "Fafnir" missiles of ZAFT's LHM-BB01 Minerva. The San Francisco class can deploy either an anti-ship or a land-attack variant. It carries only a small number of these, however.


The San Francisco-class was first deployed in the mid-CE 40s, designed as an anti-ship hunter-killer intended primarily to patrol sensitive areas such as the GIUK Gap. Initially a small number of these vessels were produced,  however they proved to be so successful that production increased in the CE 50s, and the San Francisco-class was soon in service in all member nations of the Earth Alliance, having replaced a number of older, indigenous designs.

In the late CE 60s, the Atlantic Federation quietly began development on a nuclear-powered, improved attack submarines designed to be superior in all aspects to the San Francisco-class. However, the PLANTs' Operation Uroboros ended that project just as it ended the use of nuclear powerplants worldwide, and the Atlantic Federation instead turned its attention to improving the San Francisco-class, while the Eurasian Federation did likewise with their own vessels. These improvements have allowed the San Francisco-class to remain in service through the CE 70s, and its primary role now is to escort Alliance surface vessels and to provide a powerful defense against ZAFT's Vosgolov-class submarine carriers. However, the advent of underwater mobile suits have reduced the San Francisco-class's effectiveness, as it is not fast or agile enough to evade these small, highly mobile target. Thus it is no longer being produced, and will eventually be phased out. However, currently it remains the chief deterrent against ZAFT submarines due to its range, which far exceeds that of any mobile suit, and its high firepower.

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